“Continuously Under Construction” – Devante Goulbourne

Grand Prize Winner

This photograph was taken at the Canadian Pacific Railway Yard (borderline Agincourt/Malvern) featuring good friend and talented musician jJ. At the time jJ released a single titled “Goals,” which by definition is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. The idea was to illustrate this meaning with the goals and objective of the CPR continuously improving quality of transportation services nationwide. All while displaying the structural aesthetic of this Scarborough location.

Devante Goulbourne was born March 7, 1995 in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A graduate from Seneca College with a degree in Dramatic Arts, he uses analog photography as a way to express his creativity and bringing out the best in his subjects. Through constant research for new techniques and addition to lightning, composition, and details, he is always looking for new and creative ways to bring uniqueness into his portrait photography.
IG: @devmemoirs

Jury Statement


“Despite not being able to see his face, this portrait stands out for the quiet strength, resilience and popping style that can be seen everywhere on the streets of Scarborough. With this composition, this photograph both cleverly pays homage to the long art history tradition of depicting a person seen from behind (known by the German word ‘Rückenfigur,’ or back figure), while also updating it for this contemporary moment. We are simultaneously invited into this Scarborough landscape, while also held at a distance, ultimately preserving the subject’s agency and viewpoint.”

“Varatha’s Silk & Giftware,” Scarborough, 2020 – Jennifer Lee


This is a candid scene from a popular South Asian clothing store in Scarborough while on a shopping trip with a friend. This spontaneous shot captures the familial and vibrant atmosphere of the wall-to-wall silks, traditional clothing, gifts and people casually browsing.

Jennifer Lee, based in Toronto, uses photography as a storytelling tool to explore connections with landscape, people and the passage of time. Through street and candid photography, she quietly observes communities, how people interact with and within spaces and how our environments and landscapes experience change. Jennifer is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Image Arts program, and currently designs and builds accessible web applications. IG: @msjennifer.lee

“Tranquility” – Armi Fello


Despite the pandemic that we’re going through, these two kids are playing and enjoying the company of each other free from any disturbance. Live life in the moment; hope this inspires others to do the same. Photo taken from a film camera at Scarborough Bluffs.

Hi, I’m Armi. An office worker who manage to shoot anything photographic during weekends and/or holidays. It wasn’t until two years ago when I tried a disposable film camera, developed the negatives on my own for the first time and have since fell in love with film photography. I love trying different film stocks and exploring the unique look of each film produces. Shooting film made me step out of my comfort zone, discover beautiful places and meet beautiful people. It has not only been a journey of learning film photography but of learning myself. IG: @armifello

“Spice It Up” – Alicia Reid


This is Michael who is grilling up fresh jerk chicken for customers. Coming from a Jamaican background, my parents would often buy Jamaican food. My dad would always drive me to go to Spice it Up on Kingston Rd so I share a lot of memories here in Scarborough.

My name is Alicia Reid and I am a Jamaican-Canadian photographer based in Toronto. My work is inspired by Caribbean and Toronto culture as I love sharing moments that highlight people of colour. I’ve been doing photography for 5 years now and I’ve captured local events and international artists from Burna Boy, Jorja Smith, and Wizkid. I started to pursue photography for the purpose of highlighting Toronto, the people, it’s culture, environment, and many more. I wanted to make sure that there was a positive outlook being shown in the city especially towards people in marginalized communities. IG: @lensoflicia

“The Game” – Harrison Hanwen Zhang


The beauty of sport is that it brings people together. Depicted here is a group of youth from different backgrounds playing together. This is reflective of Scarborough where diverse peoples and cultures live and thrive together.

Harrison is a photographer based in Toronto. Born into an artist’s family, Harrison took an interest in art from a young age and found an outlet for his creativity through photography. He draws inspirations from the world around him. With a keen eye for form, colour and light, Harrison looks to capture the beauty, emotion and spirit of every moment. Whether he is photographing portraits, corporate events, music festivals or landscapes Harrison always tries to build a connection with his clients and bring his unique perspective to the project. IG: @h.hanz.z / @hz_photography_portraits

Honourable Mentions


“Covid Black Man” – Jordan Samuels

Honourable Mention

The meaning of the photo is very simplistic. I took this photo while shooting a client who was doing a blog about his experiences during covid and it came together. Simply Art.

Jordan Samuels is a Scarborough-born native who enjoys capturing the world. He is developing his craft in nighttime photography and commercial photography. IG: @capturesbyhim

“Seaside” – Nam Pham

Honourable Mention

This photo was taken during a bike ride down to the Scarborough Bluffs — it is meant to portray how the pandemic has affected people and the nuances of human interactions during this time.

Hi, I’m Nam — a 16-year-old photographer based out of Toronto, ON. I focus on street and portrait photography and have fallen in love with how photos can portray stories, people, and places within one still image. When I’m not doing everything photography related, I’m probably cooped up at home doing homework studying for the next big test I have lined up. I also love playing the piano and jamming out to music in my free time. IG: @pixbitphotgraphy

“NO PAN(DEM)IC” – Gowtham Rajeev Sampara

Honourable Mention

I thought that finally I got so much time to capture the pictures during the pandemic but it didn’t work. As soon as the lockdown opened I was so desperate to see how people are handling the situation. I am extremely proud of this woman that she managed to pull out herself easily without any trepidation during tough times. As she passes through that illusional frame which I was reasoning about, then this very moment that I captured with sheer gut and intuition.

I was born in a village called Chintalapudi in India and grew up in different cities and finally ended up in Toronto. So far I haven’t used any gears or supplies except my mobile phone and snapseed. I shoot because I find peace and content. The one thing that constantly inspires and flabbergasts me is our Mother Nature. I am passionate about wildlife photography and filmmaking. IG: @gowtham_sampara

“Dynesti” – Andrés Cuenca Aldecoa

Honourable Mention

Dynesti is a hip hop artist and an advocate for mental health and healing. This location is a common and busy transit point, brought alive with Dynesti’s dance and music which exudes strength and empowerment. This photo was an opportunity to make visible the experience of Black Canadians in Scarborough.

As a photographer, the essence of my work is elevating the voices of the underrepresented. In Uruguay, I documented the culture of the Afro-Uruguayan community which culminated in a series of portraits of Afro-Uruguayan women. In 2016, I photographed the Senegalese immigrant community in Argentina. De la Oración al Trabajo was published in several magazines and awarded internationally. In 2019, I captured the different concepts of Argentinian Nikkei female identity. The project was exhibited as part of the celebration of 120 years of diplomatic relationships between Argentina and Japan. Currently, I live in Canada and am exploring with my camera. IG: aldecoa_photography

“A little light, a little wind and a lot of love” – Anilraj Labhishetty

Honourable Mention

As the setting sun rays sparkled in the pristine lake, the wind decided to accompany it. The trees swayed lightly, children played around gleefully, there were smiles and joy in the air as Scarborough settled after another day, with the memories of the days gone and hopes for the days coming.

Photography has always been my way of communication, I try to capture the photos that reflect my feelings of a place, person, or an event. Beauty for me lies in the emotions that the picture carries, the story of the person it beholds, or the culture of place it captures, trying to bring that out is my voyage with my lens leading the way. FB: