“Winter in the ends” – Edmond Veliz Morales

Grand Prize Winner

Last new year’s eve during a snowstorm, the lights of this bakery really stood out making a cool effect with the snowfall. It’s a well known bakery within the Markham road and Lawrence Avenue east area. This picture was taken on a 35mm camera using black and white film.

Edmond is a 24-year-old photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Given a point and shoot camera as a gift in 2015, he has since been learning different techniques and areas of photography. Taking pictures on almost a daily basis and experimenting with both digital and film, Edmond tries to capture unique perspectives of his surroundings and environment. IG: @47mind

Jury Statement


“The plaza is such a ubiquitous place for suburbs like Scarborough. They’re home to many small businesses that serve and are run by the migrant communities who live here. Over time, these shops become community cornerstones and form part of our collective memory. This black and white photograph highlights the timelessness and enduring quality of Scarborough’s plazas. The warm glow of the bakery’s no-frills signage is welcoming, like a beacon on a cold winter night. The snow collecting on the camera lens provides an especially intimate and magical feeling, inviting the viewer to take shelter and explore what’s for sale.”

“Wash” – Anojan Satha


I took this photo over the summer (2020) while exploring the neighbourhoods near the Bluffs. I found this old car wash that reminded me of the ones that I used to go to as a kid with my dad. There was an older vehicle parked with someone cleaning it, and it reminded me of the many nostalgic memories I once had. It felt like I had opened an old time capsule.

Anojan is an Urban Planner and photographer based in Scarborough, Ontario. His photography work consists of capturing and documenting the cinematic moments of Scarborough. His background in urban planning has a strong influence in his work, as he often uses the diverse neighbourhoods and houses of Scarborough as his main subject.​ IG: @anojon

“Morning Calm” – Jared Kligerman


I start my day walking along West Highland Creek with my dog. The sounds of the city drift away and are replaced by the creek, birds and squirrels. The calm clears away any negativity and gives a positive start to my day.

While he’s been taking pictures as a hobby all his life and growing up nearby in York Region, Jared Kligerman only discovered all the beauty Scarborough has to offer after moving there in 2014. When not out in nature, he’s applying his creative skills as President of The Think Tank, a communications agency in Toronto. IG: @jaredkligerman

“Hakimi Lebovic”  – Blair Wm. Krupchyn


A work-in-progress shot of the future stop along the Crosstown LRT.

A lifelong resident of Toronto with a love and appreciation of public transportation. I like to look for and capture the beauty that one misses when they merely drive by. IG:

Honourable Mentions


“Wabi Sabi” – Camille Veces

Honourable Mention

An afternoon at an auto shop in Scarborough, a place where I least expected it to be visually appealing, but here I found that there’s beauty in imperfection, asymmetry, and roughness. I took this photo of my husband entering the establishment. It’s open for business, open for improvements.

We are a Filipino-Canadian couple living in Scarborough, recording moments through the lens of our GoPro, phone, or mirrorless camera. Our hobby of photography and videography take us to different nooks and crannies, exploring paths, and capturing sunrise and sunsets. IG: @marille_life 

“Sunset at Kennedy Station” – James Ip

Honourable Mention

The Scarborough Rapid Transit system to me represents the city’s unfulfilled potential. Built in 1985, the system hasn’t kept up to riders’ needs. Just like the station’s loop, the debate over what to replace it with has often gone nowhere.

James Ip is a Toronto-based artist and regards street and documentary photography as natural extensions of his work as a story-teller and former journalist. He looks for those magical, yet fleeting moments to make images that elicit an emotional response from the viewer, giving them a glimpse into someone else’s experience and a lens into the larger human condition. For James, the creative process is an act of meditation and purposeful observation – there are dramatic moments unfolding all around us when we simply pause and open ourselves to seeing them. IG: @james_ip_photography

“Accessible Nature,” 2019 – Connection Earth Collaborative (Jessica Dawn Darzinskas)

Honourable Mention

Human beings are removed from nature to some degree. We spend most of our lives lifted away from the ground whether it is by our shoes or the floors we walk on. The Scarborough Bluffs is an accessible connection to nature in a society that places itself above the Earth.

Jessica Dawn Darzinskas is an artist who works in the medium of photography. Jessica attends Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, Canada in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, majoring in photography. She is the founder of Connection Earth Collaborative, which is a collective of international and local artists, as well as a recognized student group at OCADU. IG: @connectionearthcollaborative

“Our Last View from the Condo” – Lukas Younker-Koudys

Honourable Mention

We were moving out and we were cleaning up our old condo unit before returning our keys. While taking a break, I saw this gorgeous sunset over the city. We had taken it for granted while living there, so I wanted to share its beauty with the world before leaving.

Lukas is a born and raised Scarborough kid who refuses to leave the borough. As an amateur photographer and travel enthusiast, he enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, architecture, and silly pictures with his husband. He is a Geography teacher by trade and aims to take photos that show off the beauty of the planet. As of late, he hasn’t been able to travel too far, so he has set his sights on displaying the beauty of Scarborough and the GTA. Lukas would love if one day photography could be an awesome side-hustle to his day job. IG: @canuxabroad

“Fall colours – a view from a culvert bridge in Scarborough” – Philip Bernard

Honourable Mention

On a morning walk one day, I stood at the culvert bridge on Sheppard/ McCowan and looked south. The fall colours, the clouds, and the reflections in stream leading to the twin blue buildings in the background was so captivating it prompted me to shoot this photo with my phone camera.

An immigrant from South India living in Scarborough for the past 28 years. A self-learned hobby photographer who got interested in photography playing with my dad’s Kodak 620 bellows camera when I was 8 years old. Got more inspired from photos in Life magazine and National Geographic. I have taken photos using box cameras, range finders, SLR film cameras and now DSLR’s, mirrorless and smart phones. I used to shoot family functions and events of some non profit and church organizations. Now that I have retired, I am focusing on taking photos of local community events and street photography. IG: @philipb_photography