“Warden Station Patty” – Alicia Reid

Grand Prize Winner

If you’re a Scarborough native, you’ve probably heard about debates around which station has the best patties, Warden, Bathurst, or Islington. In Scarborough, Warden station is known for it’s patties, so I wanted to create a photo that symbolized that, so I took it at the station.

My name is Alicia Reid and I am a Jamaican-Canadian photographer based in Toronto. My work is inspired by Caribbean and Toronto culture as I love sharing moments that highlight people of colour. I’ve been doing photography for 5 years now, and I’ve captured local events and international artists from Burna Boy, Jorja Smith, and Wizkid. I started to pursue photography for the purpose of highlighting Toronto, the people, it’s culture, environment, and many more. I wanted to make sure that there was a positive outlook being shown in the city especially towards people in marginalized communities. IG: @lensoflicia

Jury Statement


“This image encapsulates a long-standing debate amongst east enders: which subway station vendor sells the best patty? It is iconically Scarborough, with its reference to food culture, transit and black girlhood. Many Scarbarians can relate to the experience of grabbing street food while waiting for the bus, RT, or train and it’s this familiarity which provides linkages to a shared experience. The centrality of the image draws the viewers both to the continuation of the train lines and the boldness of the subject. The capitalized station name, blurred and marginally legible, is an almost encoded marker of city life.”

“Exploring Home” – José Luis Sierra-Cardona


I had the pleasure to travel around the world just before the pandemic. Coming back home really opened my eyes to the excitement of exploring my own backyard. I have found my light, and I call upon it everyday, for this world is a beautiful place, starting with home.

I’m a second generation Canadian, born in Toronto of Colombian descent. Grew up bordering North York and Scarborough – where I still live today. Fell in love with photography at the age of 15, where I then pursued and obtained a BAA in photography at Sheridan College. I now work as a professional freelance digital retoucher and photographer, and have been for the last 6+ years. From working with brands such as Unilever, Westjet Manulife and more, to shooting weddings, engagements, product and so on, I am no stranger to hard work. Please check out my site for more on me!
IG: @CatfishSoupFTW

“The Storms Above Us” – Siddhartha (Sid) Naidu


After flying back into Canada a few days after the global pandemic was announced, and having to immediately self-isolate, I started to spend a lot more time looking out of my apartment window. I became more fascinated by the movement of everyday nature and began to document the environment’s interactions with us.

Sid Naidu is an international development practitioner, a documentary photographer and the co-founder of the Scarborough Made Project. Immigrating to Canada in 1999, Scarborough became his home and the place where he learned photography. Sid has drawn a lot of his inspiration from the diversity of cultures in Toronto and from his own South Asian heritage. He uses the camera to focus on the world by telling important stories around the intersections of culture, humanity and global issues. His storytelling work aims to deepen the connectedness between people by exploring topics such as the environment, migration and community resilience. IG: @bysidnaidu

“Summer’s Nostalgia” – Manchind Singh


Calm yet colourful – this is Scarborough. While shooting this photo, it made me reminisce over the summers I enjoyed as a kid with my friends and the deprivation of those experiences this year. However, through all the difficult times, Scarborough remains calm yet colourful.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Manchind Singh has been photographing life in his community for the past 7 years. From taking strolls through the park to mundane TTC rides, he continuously captures the beauty in his day-to-day experiences. Growing up in Scarborough has allowed him to gain an appreciation for shooting a mix of nature and city life within his own neighbourhood which is highlighted throughout his work. His vision for livening the ordinary aspects of life has transformed into a passion for street photography which complements his desire to represent Scarborough in the Canadian and global contexts. IG: @aroragraphy

Honourable Mentions


“Rain Drops” – Jerome Mohanarao

Honourable Mention

This shot was taken on a rainy Saturday, I had planned an outing but the weather did not cooperate. I put the macro lens on my phone and shot through the window screen into the backyard. I liked how some blocks were clear while others were fully covered.

I started out dabbling in photography 6 years ago, with a group of friends. My first camera was a Canon T1i, we would travel, take pictures and compare our shots. I love to learn new techniques and research how other photographers shoot. I have tried some new methods such as Flat Lay and Macro shots and continue to push myself. I have a Canon 7D and M50, but love to use my S10 plus as well on shoots. Each has their own unique use and I choose whatever I am in the mood for on that particular day. IG: @jeromemorao

“Flowers Over a Power Line” – Jason Edward Pagaduan

Honourable Mention

What happens when you cut a flower? It dies. We forget the flower is a living creature. It has feelings. When we cut it, we’re not appreciating it for what it is. I was inspired by the way nature adapts to modernity. It doesn’t have to, but it will, even if reluctantly.

I am an Ilokano PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. When I’m not working on my dissertation, I write creative non-fiction, short stories, and take photos as a form of therapy. My literary and academic writing explores the ways in which mental health and trauma manifests itself in everyday life. IG: @jasonedwardd

“Rising Line 3” – Peter Charocopos

Honourable Mention

Having heard of this contest from a friend, I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot. Being a fixture in the community for the last 35 years, it is easily taken for granted, but is an important day to day mode of transportation.

Hi, my name is Peter. I Have always had a passion for photography. Over the last 4 years, I got more serious about taking photos. Having won this award, motivates me to keep on taking pictures. IG: @petesphotography5

“Bluffs Castaway” – Candice Berger

Honourable Mention

Mittens is a rescue dog that we adopted 1 year ago. We frequent a path below the Bluffs for the chance to get away from city noise and feel like we are all alone in this massive city.

Although I’ve been interested in photography most of my life, I have only just begun my journey in taking pictures that capture a fraction of the beauty around us. I’m inspired by the works of many photographers, especially those who photograph animals & nature. IG: @roxy.and.mittens

“Mustang 101” – Priyansh Shah

Honourable Mention

I love cars, I always have, I love to take pictures of them too. This one specifically, was taken on a trip headed up to Muskoka this summer.​

I’m an urban street photographer, in Grade 10 at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. I’m just looking to grow as a photographer and maybe make a career out of it. IG: @_priyanshshah